Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Prabal Gurung

Well tomorrow is the beginning of what will become months of me drooling on my keyboard over fall 2011 fashions, yes that is correct New York Fashion week begins tomorrow( or today the 10th depends on when and where you are reading)!  What I would do to be at Lincoln Center, watching 6ft models in beautifully crafted and designed pieces of art made by some of the most talented people that I would only ever dream to meet!  Okay before I get to crazy I will move on to, Prabal Gurung.  This emerging designer has seen his clothes worn by Oprah, Zoe Saldana, Demi Moore and many others.  He recently began his own line in 2009 and showed at Bryant Park (recent location changed to Lincoln Center) in 2010.  I have oh so quickly become a fan of his work.  I absolutely adore his past Spring 2011 line and even featured a blue and orange color blocked dress on my blog under Spring 2011.  What I am getting at is, I am still completely obsessed with and I managed to find sketches of what Prabal Gurung is presenting on this Saturday.  He apparently has done some work with Swarovski crystals, can you say I am in love!  What can I say I love shiny, sparkly things.  This picture is from under the breaking news section.  Here is the link in case you want to play on it for hours and read everything the website has ever posted,

I love his sketches they are perfection and has some very simple lines.  Looking at this sketch though almost makes me shake with excitement as I can not wait to see what Fashion week has to offer.
- On a side note I am getting ready to begin packing after my two classes tomorrow (or on the 10th of February) for Maryland.  I am so excited, I need to get away.  I therefore, promise to take a lot of pictures and keep you up to date on what adventures I have in Maryland!

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