Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spring/Summer bags

Well, people are beginning to complain of allergies that can only mean one thing, spring is quickly approaching.  That also means a mass amount of pollen that will turn absolutely everything into a powdery lime green mess.  Besides those negative aspects, I am more than thrilled for the warmer weather and for summer to get here.  I was perusing through my spring/ summer clothes and suddenly realized, I need clothes.  Yay for shopping!  I am beginning to plan what to buy and get the most for my money.  My biggest item for spring that I want is a maxi skirt.  I am really short though, so it makes it impossible to find one for my height, hence why I am planning on making a navy one out of the fabric I bought yesterday.  Other items I have not exactly figured out yet, so I searching the internet for potential buys.  Todays finds come from Urban Outfitters.

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