Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bibhu Mohapatra

Bibu Mohapatra is a man that I have not heard of until this year, though he had launched his own line beginning four years ago.  I was of course checking and found his line and read the review.  Though the review only hints to a few good aspects of the collection, I found that I loved many pieces.  This worries me as I have to question my taste.  Bibhu's collection for fall 2011, I believed offered a little something different from what the other designers are showing.  His work seems to be absolutely sewn to perfection while including amazing fabrics, pleats and folds.  I also enjoyed the goat fur that was incorporated which was quite the interesting touch.  I love the different cuts and asymmetry that he added to this collection.  I believe he is on to something and I am willing to become an obsessed fan, which I am at the current moment!  I enjoy his cocktail dresses and evening wear.  Though everyone claims that we do not need more pretty party or cocktail dresses, I think that Bibhu Mohapatra offers a little something more.  That may just be me, so let me know what you think!

The purple, green and white dresses are the one that caught my eye, I find them simple yet interesting in the shape, color/pattern choice and they are beautiful.  I had to make the pictures kind of tiny because they were blurry when bigger.  Of course for all of your fashion week news check out or even, both are fun sites to "play" on.

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