Friday, February 18, 2011

Presidents Day Sales

My sincere apologies to those of you in other countries who do not benefit from the U.S. President day sales that come along with celebrating our past and present presidents.  (Read that five times fast.)  This weekend has many sales to offer, which is great for all of you bargain shoppers out there including myself. I have some cash in my wallet and may just have to go shopping.  The sales are hitting stores like, Urban Outfitters (who always have great sales, including my $5 jeans.)  Target which has amazing sales in certain areas of the women's section, near the maternity though you will have to do some digging to get the real good finds.  Forever 21 has 2-fer deals that are amazing with shirts that go for 2 for $10 and so much more.  I am going shopping with my sister, Mom and one other brides maid to look for my sisters wedding dress, I am thrilled!  After though, the stores may have to look out because Emily just may be on her way to the wonderful world of sales!!!
  !!!Check out these sites for more details!!!
Urban Outfitters
Forever 21
Also just a bargain shopping tip, the stores sometimes have more items on sale that are pictured on the internet so it is always a lot more fun to shop at the actual store.  Have a great weekend my fashionable readers!

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