Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Cloudy days always seem to give me inspiration.  I am not completely sure why, but they do and that is just fine with me.  I was driving home today from school and passing several fields that lie fallow in preparation to be farmed once more.  They have a dark gray feeling to them, but then they are splattered with weeds that are the most brilliant purple.  The dark gray nearly verging on black sky was floating in a taunting manor over the fields and my mind directly went to thinking of a Tim Burton movie.  I love how his movies are so dark, yet they will every so often show the most brilliant colors that make you feel as if the movie may actually make you happy in the end.  While seeing these fields, the sky and thinking of Tim Burton, I immediately began to think of things to sew.  I nearly drowned myself with ideas.  This afternoon at work during a 5 second break where there wasn't a line, I got a piece of receipt paper and with hardly looking drew this horrible little sketch.  This is just the beginning though, I am trying to finish my homework in hope that today (23rd) may be able to create or sew.  I have a ton of homework though that is blocking my creativity at the moment.

If you are unable to tell what the heck I just drew, I do not blame you.  I can just say I am thinking of interesting patterns, maxi skirts, blazer, deep v neck shirt or tank, oh and so much more.

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