Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tristan Galdos Del Carpio

Thank goodness I am off tomorrow, perhaps I may actually get something done.  I feel as if my days recently have just been flying by with all the little things.  On that note, I planned sewing today, but found myself once again running errands.  Friday I am hoping to get myself together!  Moving on to the fashion topic of the day, which is fashion illustrator Tristan Galdos Del Carpio.  How did I first hear about him, you ask?  I explained this several post ago, when I wrote about Kimme Buzzelli.  I had received a book several Christmases ago, that is filled with fashion illustrators.  The book is called "Fashion Illustration Next"; though the book by now is a bit outdated, I still love it.  I explained my love for the illustrations of Kimme Buzzelli's but now Tristan Galdos Del Carpio.  I love his paragraph in the book that tells a bit about each of the artist.  "Galdos Del Carpio likes to work late at night, drinking coffee and listening to film soundtracks."(Borelli, 62)  Maybe this is my odd work ethic, but that sounds amazing.  After reading that line, I remember last summer having coffee in the afternoon and sewing, which resulted in the best night ever.  I did not listen to film soundtracks, rather old 30's, 50's, and some Franz Ferdinand, which later turned into System of a Down.  Anyway, his illustrations are fun and have amazingly straight lines.  The artist himself admits that his original drawings are childlike, but then he uses illustrator to fix them up and make them, "lively, neat, and shiny like fruit."  I love the "shiny like fruit" part and it is so true to his work.  Several of his more recent pictures look as if they are straight out of a comic strip, and his work has become much more provocative then what is found in the book.  Enjoy!

Here is also some work that he did for Hermes.  More of his profile can be seen at

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