Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Michael Kors spring 2011

I need to sew!  Tomorrow I do not have to work until 5, thus leaving me most of my day to create.  After 38 hours of work this past week, I am ready to get some blogging and sewing done for sure.  What to make is the question?  My mind is always filled with so many ideas; I never know where to begin.  I have found several things to inspire me, including Michael Kors spring 2011 line.  Apparently, I am losing my mind, as I could have sworn that I had all ready written about it.  I can not find it though, therefore assuming that I have not written about it.  What a great line!  The ease, comfort, and all around beauty of this line is definitely something to admire.  The simple fit and lines of each garment is perfect, along with the models pink (sunburnt) look that completes the perfect beachy feel.  I also follow stylescrapbook.com and Andy has recently done a d.i.y. of the gold pants featured on Freja Beha Erichsen.  I seriously wish I was a wee taller to be able to wear a pant with a fuller leg, with out them eating me alive.  What I hope to let inspire me in my future design is the flow, and draping that Michael Kors achieved so effortlessly in this line.  Here are some of my favorite, especially the simple grays.

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