Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Customers strolled in today, thirsty and famished from the hot sun that caused it to be a toasty 98 degrees outside.  Many of them looked absolutely miserable, and I expected to feel the same.  Though as I climbed into my car when my shift was done, and looked at the current temperature in my car of 102 degrees, it oddly made me excited for summer.  Excited for those summer drives, ice cream, swimming, hopefully the beach, the summer sunsets, late nights of sewing and most of all no school.  I have to work, but still work seems to be alot more fun in the summer.  This afternoon, since I finally get the night to myself, I jumped in my car to go for a ride through town and get an ice cream cone; only to then arrive home and be surronded by lightning bugs, as my sister and I would call them when we were little.  Happy summer to me.  I can not wait for the rest of summer and I know I will do whatever in my power to live it to the fullest!
Can you spot my recent purchase that is causing me to be very happy?
This is also a neighborhood I drove through that is still being built, hence the office trailer in the back.  I like this field especially because there is sometimes deer that run through it.

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