Sunday, May 15, 2011

Christian Dior Bright Eyeshadow Spring 2011

My mind seems to be in scrambles this week.  Three days ago I did not post because blogger was down and last night I did not post because I could not put words together, and make it sound good.  I may just be having a blogging off week.  This also may be due to an overload of ideas and not proper fabric to create with.  On that note I am going to a book store to fill my mind with pictures of art, find new fashion trends, styles and hopefully get my mind in order.   In the mean time, fill your mind with the fabulous make-up from Christian Dior Spring 2011.  Hope that everyone is still enjoying what is left of the weekend, and that unlike me, your mind is not scrambled.  

Am I sensing a future make-up tutorial?

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