Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sleepwear, Pj's, or Pajama's

I am once again just getting off of work, getting ready to sleep for a couple of hours before waking up and starting again in the morning.  It is not the most exciting thing to close, then wake up and be back at work first thing in the morning.  Though that is what my inspiration for today comes from.  As I got into my pj's tonight (or pajama's whatever you prefer), I realized that I do not have very nice sleep wear, rather just oversized t-shirts.  I think I need to make myself a simple, yet very comfortable outfit to sleep in, because who ever said you can't be fashionable in your sleep?  If you are looking for cute sleepwear of your own, here are some pictures from American Apparel, Target stores also offer some adorable sleepwear for cheap!  I will post what I come up with later!

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