Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Afternoon in a hammock & the 2011 Metropolitan Museums Costume Gala

Well for the past two days, I had to run errands and am beginning to work full time.  Tomorrow (Thursday) I am planning a day of sewing.  I wanted to sew today, but last night a storm kept me up most of the night causing me to sleep in, (which felt wonderful) but made me start my day super late.  I was tired last night and decided not to write something that most likely would not have made sense in my comatose state.  Now, I am back with big plans.  I took a bit of a breather this afternoon before heading off to work, and what better place to relax than in my own backyard.  I love lying in our hammock!  I have to say that it is exceptionally comfortable and I get the best ideas for new projects.  Here are some pictures of said paradise!
 So Cozy!!
 Sophie wanted to sit on my lap, and look like she owns the hammock.
 My favorite sunglasses!

On to a more fashionable topic.  Two nights ago was the Metropolitan Museums Costume Gala.  I spent a very long time last night sorting through photos and drooling a bit, if I must admit.  What an amazing night, especially because it honored one of my many favorite designers, Alexander McQueen.  After all of the stars, models, designers, etc. walked the runway, "Alexander McQueens: Savage beauty," was unveiled.  This exhibition aims to honor the British Designer, and from pictures that I have seen does a brilliant job.  Here are some pictures from  the stars that walked the red carpet.

There are 148 photos of dresses at   They are all amazing!  Hope that everyone is having a great week thus far!

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