Saturday, December 11, 2010

Kime Buzzelli

I thought I would introduce one of my favorite artists, who is a fashion illustrator.  Her name is Kime Buzzelli, and if you like urban decay make-up products, then you may be familiar with some of her work.  I am a big fan of urban decay, but will get into that in another post.  Anyway, back to Kime Buzzelli, I found her work in a fashion illustration book that I got for Christmas a couple of years ago and fell in love with her pastel color palette, which allows her work to be happy, yet provocative.  I love how she is inspired by "music, voyeurism, magazines, story telling and fashion," as she states on her website  I absolutely just love her work and how she almost makes something slightly ugly into something that is absolutely beautiful. I find it so inspiring.  Here is some of her amazing work, thanks to google.  This first picture is from her urban decay work.  

I love all of her work so much, I am quite the huge fan!!  Here is a link to her website,  ENJOY, I know I have!

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