Sunday, May 8, 2011

Paul & Joe spring 2011

Well after a total of 16 hours of work this weekend, I am happy to be home and blogging.  Today I figured that I would share another line from spring 2011; Paul & Joe as designed by Sophie Albou.  This line is the exact thing that I have been loving of several lines from spring 2011, with its bright colors, patterns and overall jaunty little feel.  Sophie encouraged her models to smile while walking down the runway to complete the feel, which I love when the line is appropriate.  The line features very well tailored clothing to show off curves.  Fabulous line!  What do you think?
 Geek Chic.

 I am a big fan of deep v's when they are appropriate and not to revealing.

 Maxi Skirt!!

 Fitted tops like the one below are very in this summer.

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