Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Winter Wonderland

As it states on my profile, I live in North Carolina where the weather usually consists of very hot summers and winters with lows that are at least 30 degrees fahrenheit.  Recently, as in the past week, the weather has decided to go to about 20 degrees, with a wind chill that is...well... is freaking chilly.  Due to this sudden change in weather, it has caused me to realize that I am lacking in the winter clothes department of my closet.  I thought that today I would share winter coat ideas.  Of course I was inspired by my special edition Harpers Bazaar 'Runway Report'.  (My favorite magazine) As I was admiring several of the winter/fall pictures of coats I came across a page of camel coats.  (Coats the color of a camel, if you will.)  I found one coat that I really like and inspired me.  The coat is by Chloe.  She has such a relaxed style of clothing design that I adore.  I just wish that I could have the gams of a model to wear such clothing.  I have decided though to solve this problem of my lack of gams by showing options for those of us who are short and a little more curvaceous.  If you are in need of a new coat and are looking for a more relaxed earthy feel like Chloe designs, as I always suggest, check out Urban Outfitters they have great relaxed yet very tailored jackets/blazers.  I like how this particular jacket is synched at the waist a little, so it still gives you shape.
 This trench styled camel coat (below) is more of a classic style, and is a lot less trendy.
 This camel blazer (below) just looks relaxed, yet sophisticated.  I believe it would look great with a belt if you want to go more for the Chloe style.
There are so many different types of camel coats out at so many different stores right now so the search shouldn't be so bad.  However, I do love the classic simple camel color, but I really have always dreamed of having a fur coat.  Faux fur of course!  I feel like fur is just chic and luxe, gotta love it.  For my dream fur coat, I found plenty of them at Forever 21.  Though, forever 21 in high fashion is known more as a rip off and cheap teen clothing; but for broke college students, such as myself it is a dream.  I also believe their styles are so playful and their large inventory allows me to be creative with so many different styles.  Anyway here are some dream fur coats!  The first coat (below) is my absolute favorite.

This Coat (below) is more of a classy simple gray fur look, if you aren't to daring.  It is simply classic.

White fur?  It sort of looks like marshmallows, but I like it.  Although, white scares me as a coffee drinker.

This coat below is from Urban Outfitters.  I like it because it is relaxed but just enough fur.

This is also from Urban Outfitters.  It looks like something, that a women of the geriatric age may wear, but still, I like the geriatric look.
Fur also was found all over the runways for this season.  I love Versaces' purple fur coat, how playful!  Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel, need I say more.  That man is a amazing with his designs.  He had lots of fur, boots and outfits.  Love it!  Well sorry to write so much but I definitely hope this helped for the winter season for coats.  I am trying to make up for not posting yesterday, but now finally my exams are done and I can begin my Christmas break.  The weather men are also calling for North Carolina, maybe an inch.  That will definitely shut down the town. Yes, I am serious, you have to love living here! :) Thanks for reading.
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