Thursday, December 23, 2010

5 minute hat

I love to sew!  Which also means I love to do diy projects.  My head was cold the other week and I wanted a hat, so I made one.  I decided to show you how to do it yourself.
1.  Find your favorite hat to use as a pattern, and an old shirt with a finished seam at the bottom. 
(I am so picky, I have to have finished seams on everything!!)

(This is just an attempt at a close up of my old t-shirt)

2.  Then cut out your pattern.  (It was even, just doesn't look it in this picture.)

3.  Then sew around the wrong sides of the fabric and press the seam flat; trim the excess fabric.  Then flip the hat and sew around the sides again to create a french seam.  You don't have to use a french seam, you could just sew around once and be done.  Then iron and wear.

I rolled the bottom of the hat up in this picture, you can't tell to much though.

Lastly enjoy your warm head!

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