Sunday, December 19, 2010

Coat Shopping!

This morning, my Mom woke me and said that she was leaving in a bit for the mall before the rush of last minute Christmas shoppers hit. I for one love shopping, so with my mass of untamed curly hair and make-up less face. Went with my Mom and Dad for a shopping extravaganza. We had a blast as usual. We made a stop at forever 21 to look for a Christmas present for me, which was a coat that I so desperately need, as it is suddenly cold. I figured that I would make a short video of some of the coats that I tried on. Ignore the smile that never left my face. I admit, I am quite the model and by that I mean...I have no future in modeling. Also shhhh... I am not supposed to know that I am getting a coat, even though I picked it out. Anyway, this song is by a fabulous indie artist by the name of Matt Costa. The song is called Cold December. I thought it went along with the whole its cold and I need a coat in December thing.


  1. Emily, I'm glad you were able to find a nice, warm coat. Brrrr... BTW, nice special effects!

  2. Thank you, now I just can't wait to actually wear it, because I don't get it until Christmas!