Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Well for Christmas I received a Marie Claire magazine, with Emma Watson on the front.  As my eyes soaked up every page of high fashion, I came to page 90 to be exact, and there in front of me were two necklaces with none other than Sonia Rykiel and Karl Lagerfeld hanging from the chain of the necklace.  I instantly fell in lust for these semi sacrilegious necklaces.  They are in the form of a rosary which is a little blasphemer, but they are amazing.  I then went straight to myflashtrash.com and transferred every price from euros to the US dollar.  This made me a bit sad realizing I don't have a  chance, but still WOW!!  I am so excited, these are just such cool necklaces.
Sonia Rykiel

 Karl Lagerfeld
I also found YSL (Yves Saint Laurent)
 My personal favorite... Alber Elbaz of Lanvin
Along with finding these great necklaces, I also continued to browse the sites other inventory.  Considering how much I love funky off beat types of jewlery, for instance my giant octopus necklace that I love, I found these cool necklaces too!
The Robot
 This dinosaur is just awesome.
 A painter

I am thrilled to have found this website, for that I thank Marie Claire magazine!  If you want look for yourself here is the link. http://www.myflashtrash.com/

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