Sunday, December 26, 2010

More about my coat...

Christmas night, as I sat watching Elf late at night and my family went to bed, I sat excitedly waiting for snow flurries to begin to cover the ground outside.  It hardly ever snows in December in North Carolina, actually it hardly snows at all in North Carolina.  I finally went to bed only to wake up early this morning to get ready for work.  I looked out my window and was so happy to see a winter wonderland!  I am so excited, yet I find it funny how a little snow shuts down the whole town.  I went to work but we closed early because we hardly had any customers.  When I came home I decided to take more pictures of my coat since I can offcially wear it now that I got it for Christmas.  These pictures were taken by my Mom considering I didn't want to set my camera in the snow and attempt to take my own pictures.

I made myself a hole in the snow to avoid falling, but then it turned into ice so, I almost fell on my face.

I was enjoying my fabulous coffee, it is the perfect accessory for the cold weather.

I am semi serious in this photo, I still have that smirk like I am about to smile.

 My poor dog Sophie, was covered in snowballs, but was happy playing in the snow.

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