Monday, December 13, 2010

Neon Trees - Wish List (Holiday Single) HQ + DOWNLOAD LINK

I am sorry for the past two posts being rather short, but like I have said, I am absolutely bombarded with studying for my exams. I promise on Thursday to have something interesting to post. For now, I have been getting into the Christmas season, thus blasting Christmas music. One particular song that I got free on itunes, called Wish List by Neon Trees. First of all I love this band from when I first got their song Animal free on itunes. Their songs are so good and catchy, so they go through my head and my vocal chords all day. Like many other bands, I always judge on the quality of their music, do they have talented instrumentalists...yes...and do they sound good live...heck yes. I really enjoy this band and hope you do too! Get in the Christmas spirit with this song Wish List by Neon Trees!

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