Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pantyhose & knee highs

If you were unaware, pantyhose and knee highs are the current trend that is blowing up the blogs and runways.  I am amazed at how many items are coming back into style that I always wore when I was a child.  I remember always wearing my knee high white socks or pantyhose with my catholic school jumper.  Although, I must say I rather prefer wearing them in a much more modern way and not with a plaid jumper.  There are so many different kinds, so I found pics of my favorite from American Apparel and Urban Outfitters.  From the black knee highs and above, everything is from American Apparel and everything below is from Urban Outfitters.  I love these tights below, they are so fun and cool.

These two tone are amazing, they look funky with two different color of legs but that is exactly why I love them.
 These another two tone pantyhose but they have a more classy feel.

I like the sexy feel to these, I think it is cool how playful all of these tights are.

These are the knee highs.  Love the color, they are so much better than my catholic school white ones.
 These are just simple black if you want to class it up a bit and not go so funky with the purple or many other bright colors.
 These are possibly my favorite.


Once again, I think these are sexy, but so cute with a skirt.  I swear everyone on lookbook.nu owns a pair of these babies, I don't blame them.

These are more fun knee socks.

The buttons on these make them so great!

Okay so these are neither knee highs or pantyhose, but I see this picture all the time on Urban Outfitters and absolutely love them.

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