Wednesday, December 8, 2010

70's Inspiration

 I am inspired by the 70's, every time I wear this one pair of denim jeans.  They are a little higher waisted and just look very 70's to me.  So here is my geek chic inspired 70's look.  No, I didn't wear the glasses to college, they just looked better in the picture.  This picture is odd but still...enjoy.
As for the music of the day, I feel it goes with the flow of my geek chic, Franz Ferdinand.  I love this band and have all three of their delightful albums.  I like how they have a sort of 60's/ techno/ rock, feel to them.  I also enjoy this music as I relate a lot of the music I listen to with happy memories.  This is from their first album, in case anyone was wondering.

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