Friday, December 10, 2010

Shoe Therapy

     Today I have to admit (like so many others) my obsession of shoes.  Though I do not own many pairs, I look at them nearly everyday with my mouth a-gape admiring them.  Why yes it is pathetic.  I have noticed that many designers recently have seemed to spark a high heel and overall shoe revolution.  Shoes have become more of an artistic expression, almost as much as ones outfit.  For that I am extremely excited, especially with a recent pair of shoes featured in Lady GaGa’s- Bad Romance video, that features Alexander Mcqueens spring 2010 rtw shoes.  Though the fashion world is getting ready to move on to fall 2011, I can not get these shoes out of my head and thus still believe that this began what I call the shoe revolution.
Here is the YSL mowhawk heels.  These are just so cool. (below)
Another popular pair of shoes that I really drool over are these fabulous finsk.  They seem to be more popular amoungst bloggers. (below)

      To be honest, I can only dream of owning a pair of shoes like these, so in a more realistic sense.  I always am browsing Urban and always seem to find nice shoes that are reasonably priced, for how eclectic some are.  Jeffrey Cambell however, seems to be a reoccuring favorite of mine.  These shoes seem very high and rather frightening to walk in but I still adore them.  Okay, and they are $178.00, which is still expensive and I still can’t afford them so moving on to the actual possibilities. (below Jeffrey CamBell)
These remind me of finsk on a much smaller scale.  They come from Urban Outfitters and are by Deena & Ozzy.  They also come in a black with a camel heel. (below)

These are also from Urban Outfitters and are so classy.  I love the square heel to them, it gives such modern character.  These are only online, for $68.00. 

Well before this becomes shoe overload I should stop.  If you are still in need of shoe therapy
go to Urban it is a great way to spend your free time.

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