Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Modern Velvet

Yesterday morning as I stumbled down the stairs to eat breakfast and look at the life section of The News & Observer, I was thrilled to see several items covering the front of the life section.  They were all velvet.  I especially fell in love with an adorable Kate Spade bag from Nordstrom.  I could never hope to afford this bag but still it is great velvet fashion inspiration.  
This photo is courtesy of www.Nordstrom.com, keyword search Kate Spade "Deluxe Plush Skipper."

     At first (as in a few weeks ago), I was not partial to the thought of wearing any form of velvet.  Especially after wearing a particular lime green shirt and pants as a child in the late 90‘s.  Good times.  Anyway, as I was observing the local Goodwill, I came across a knee length long sleeve, beautiful royal blue velvet dress.  I was instantly in love, even more so with the low price of only $4.15!  After I thought about it, I returned and bought it.  It just happened to fit perfectly!  Though it looks great as is, I have been experimenting with adding some rhinestone type crystals to the shoulders, giving it a modern military style.  Also these little crystals are actually from my sisters old mini disco ball that was falling apart.  Rhinestones are normally extremely expensive!  Let me know your opinion.  Rhinestones or no rhinestones...
I actually only put the rhinestones on one shoulder just to be able to compare.


  Thank you again for reading.

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