Friday, July 1, 2011

Balmain Menswear Spring 2012

Happy first day of July, though it is almost sad to say this summer is going so fast.  This summer has been a lot more busy than I had originally planned.  I have been in the process of transferring to my dream school, where I am majoring in fashion design.  That was very exciting to hear when I was registering for classes and was told that I am taking a clothing construction class and several other classes that I have dreamt of taking my whole life.  I wanted to ask my advisor to slap me before I got to excited (I refrained from asking though), it was as if she just told me all of my dreams and aspirations are coming true and they are.  Anyway in fashion news, it is men spring fashion week 2012!  My question is, why does it seem so hard to find coverage of mens fashion week?  I swear I would be lost without and WWD, who have the best coverage.   I will start my menswear coverage with one mens line that I always find myself reviewing, and that is none other than Balmain.  I am a big fan of Balmains womenswear so it is not a surprise that I am always interested in their menswear.  Though the house of Balmain is in new hands, the previous style is still able to be seen throughs Olivier Rousteings (new fashion director) designs.  This line has a bit of rock and roll (Mick Jagger-ish), and still has a few tailored jackets which they are layered with a t-shirt underneath to create that relaxed chic look that Balmain is know for.  I have to say I love those scarfs, and those biker jeans in all of the pastel colors.  Though, it does take a certain man to pull of the pastel style, it is still cool.  To continue my gushing of Balmains effortlessly chic style, I love how they do not over do it and still manage to be chic and stylish, like the last outfit.  Simplicity.

The outfit below reminds me of Mick Jagger!


  1. The jackets are great :)

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  2. I know! Your blog is quite fun to follow, and love the vintage store too.