Friday, July 22, 2011

Dog Days of Summer (Frizzy Hair Sonia Rykiel)

Like I have said in my last few post, it is stinking hot out.  That means lots of heat, sweat, frizzy hair and my little dog drinks a lot of water and lays under the couch where it is cool.  Believe me if I could fit under the couch I would be right next to her, (it truly is cool under there).  Anyway, today I let my hair frizz.  I have naturally curly hair but in this heat, I have naturally frizzy hair.  I have to say I kind of like the frizzy hair style that I have seen on the runway; I do not have to dry my hair or anything, low maintenance is the name of the game!  These pictures were taken on the floor in the most shady room in my house.  Sophie just wanted to be pet for a while, now she is back to sleeping.  She has quite the busy schedule. (Yes, that is sarcastic.)
 (These Pictures were taken on my Mac, hence the blur)

Frizzy Hair Inspiration from Sonia Rykiel Spring 2011

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