Thursday, June 30, 2011

Chloe Sevigny Mary Janes

I know, I know, another post about shoes, but I love shoes.  I use love to much too, but I cannot think of another word to use, so if you have one feel free to share.  Chloe Sevigny has created the most adorable little pair of mary janes with those ever popular wooden heals.  They have cute little bows on the top of the shoe and come in brown, black.  I think they are so chic, easy to pair with any style, and would be a great addition to any girls closet.  These shoes have been seen on the very fashionable feet of Andy Torres of (scroll down to the bottom pictures, she has a black pair), Erika Marie of (the leather shorts are great too), (starlet) Emily Browning, and even Chloe Sevigny herself (of course she has to advertise her own shoes).   

The only bad part about these babies is the hefty price tag that comes with the adorableness (did not know that was a word, but it is in the dictionary).  If you want them, you could have got them from which was the cheapest at $305.  Other than that there is a large range of prices, anywhere from $305-$650.

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