Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sonia Rykiel Spring 2011 make-up and frizzy hair

I know this is a similar post to yesterdays, but today I included make-up.  I realized that in yesterdays photos I really liked the bronze and orange type eyeshadow.  Orange does not look very good on me so I opted for more of a bronze, gold and brown colors.  I used eyeshadow color stay from Revlon, and also used the YDK and Half Baked from my Urban Decay palette.  My lip color is from NYX, who have the best products for really cheap.  I love their lipsticks, pencils and jumbo pencils they are a great investment and your lips will love them too!
ColorStay Revlon
-This palette that I used is called Midnight Garnet
 Urban Decay Palette
-I used the top left, YDK and bottom right, Half Baked

I was unable to find a picture of the NYX lipstick that I used but it is called Chaos #724.

I had to take this picture on my mac, because nothing on my camera came out very good.  My eyeshadow does actually match the picture pretty good though it is hard to tell.

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