Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Clothing Essentials Wish List

Summer is such a fun time of year, if you ask me.  I always like a break from school and the work load that comes with it.  Though, this year I find myself grinning when thinking about fall.  I love the smell, the colors, and weather that fall brings and I am so excited for school.  I have never been a fan of school until college.  I actually really liked community college, but now am shaking with excitement and a bit of nerves to begin at my new college.  I just cannot wait to study something that I have wanted to study my whole life, which of course is fashion.  The excitement is almost unbearable.  I have been thinking recently, that with a new school year approaching, it is time to vamp up that wardrobe... or lack there of.  I have some great pieces but need a few new essentials to ensure that I will have clothes that do not have holes in them.  I know, a new school year and all I can think about is what am I going to wear.  Here are a few items that are on my wishlist.
1. A great pair of well fitting jeans... possibly from Forever 21 because I am on a budget and their denim starts at $10.50.  forever21.com

2. A Skinny Belt

3. A Great Pair of Heels

4.  A Few Shirts
-A Fitted shirt, something with color and a simple black tank.  I am bad at picking shirts online, when I see one at the store thats perfect, I will know it.

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