Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fashion, Art, Wedding stuff and a French Film for my Sunday Night

Sunday afternoons after a long day at work, I want to do nothing but relax.  To relax I love reading articles, finding art and fashion websites, or even short films.  I found some great sites that I think many of my readers may enjoy as much as I have.  There is nothing like getting inspiration, what a great feeling.

-This first site is by Claire Oring who travels, takes photographs, and makes awesome illustrations.  Her site is quite fun to explore and her photographs are stunning.
-She also has a really great interview on the Urban Outfitters blog

-Here is a wedding website.  I first saw pictures on Urban Outfitters and began to look at it for ideas for my sisters wedding.  The pictures are beautiful, and even if you are not married, or already married it is still fun to look at.

-A great late night black & white French movie filled with 1960's fashion!  Heck Yes!  I found this movie on hulu, and on Nylon magazines website called Breathless.  Though I have not watched it all just yet I am planning on finishing it tonight.  I love the fashion so far.

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