Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Loafer or Slipper shoes for Women (Trend)

     Oh my goodness, I finally finished all my major papers for the semester and now am ready to begin studying for all of my exams which begin tomorrow.  This semester has just been nuts and excuse me for not posting every day.  I will try to get back to the everyday.
     I never thought I would say I like the loafer or slipper shoe trend, but I do.  One of my proffessors at college always wears them with skinny jeans and they are just cute.  I also waited on a girl at my work who had diamond studs all over her loafers, I made quite a big deal about them.  What do you think of this trend?  Will it last?
Here are some from Urban Outfitters

Here is a pair from Aldo.  They have so many other colors and styles too.

Steve Madden also has several different options.

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