Thursday, November 10, 2011

Gritty Rivers Vintage

Sorry I have not been posting to much recently.  My sisters wedding and so many papers have kept me from writing.  I plan to be back on schedule.  Well I am posting again about an Etsy account.  I found this site about a week ago, and forget how exactly I found it; but the vintage clothes are awesome.  I really like leather coats and this red one below is my favorite.  I like how it lays and fits the dress form, with a little hint of bagginess.  The 80's flair to all the outfits make them that much better.  I seriously have to go back to my favorite thrift store, because I need clothes and I am a bit broke, thank you college.
-This is my favorite.  The dress underneath is pictured below.

 -This is a mens coat, but I would still wear it!
 -Several years ago I made a shirt into a skirt that looked very similar to this.  I really like it.

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