Saturday, November 19, 2011


Today I kept to my plan of going thrifting.  I had a great time and found one great outfit, which I did not buy because I am cheap.  I always have to think about buying something before I actually buy it.  I know it will still be there for a while, the 80's things usually do not sell very quickly.  I also found a large leather jacket in the mens section.  It was really to big, but I really liked the style of it.  I also did not take pictures, there were a lot of people and I did not want to make a fuss.  I did however get all the brand names for things that I found and actually found good pictures online.  First I found a pair of bowling shoes, and were hoping they were my size.  There was a big size 5 on the back, needless to say they were 2 sizes too small.  I was so sad, they had a vintage look to them and I would most likely wear them everyday.  Here is a picture.  

I also found a pair of black boots.  They had never been worn and I instintly fell in love.  I tried a pair on and they were a little small.  I saw the name Bob Barker in the sole and came home to look them up.  Turns out that Bob Barker is a detention supplier, yes they are jail shoes.  I think it is so interesting, and am wondering how several new pairs of them ended up in a thrift store.  They were really heavy too and were a size 3.5 F.  I guess it means they are womens shoes.  Crazy.


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