Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I recently promised I would write a post about matching, something which I believe I am actually quite bad at.  I will try my best to give my best tips about how to match and put an outfit together.
-Pulling out colors
        -I simply mean, if you have a garment with a pattern, look at the colors and pull a color out to match with.  This is an easy way to ensure your outfit will have a good flow, and thus be aesthetically pleasing.
        -Here is an example...
-This is a top from American Apparel.
-To match it with pants, I pulled the color red out of it and matched it with the red pants.
-These high waisted pants from Forever 21.
-It may be hard to match outfits if you are shopping online because the oufit may already be styled with other colors.
 -These leggings will also match as they are a reddish brown.
-If the oufit has a color in it like the red in my example, then you may also pair it with a darker red.

-What shoes to wear?
-Neutrals tend to go with anything.  Like the shoes paired with the leggings above.
-Below I played with color and mainly stuck with the neutral since the brightly colored shirt is the focal point of the oufit.

-Bags and purses are always a fun way to create more of a statement.
-Some of the purses I did not pull from the colors in the garment, I went with compliments of the colors.
-All of the bags are from Urban Outfitters.

-By now you may not need any accesories, like necklaces, it just depends on how you style the outfit.
-If you would like to add something more here are some more accesory options.
-More accessories from Urban Outfitters

Matching definitly depends alot on your style, whether you are the type of person who likes to match or not.  The way that you acessorize also depends on what style you like.  I hope to do another post like this in the future.  Thank you for the request!

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