Monday, November 7, 2011

My Hand-Made Bridesmaid Dress

Wow I have missed blogging for the past few days!  I have been so busy with visiting family and of course my sisters wedding.  I will try and summarize the night a shortly as possible.  First of all I want to say how incredibly happy I am to have such a great new brother in law, he seriously could not be any greater!  My sister looked absolutely gorgeous in her dress and just never stopped smiling, neither did her new husband. The photographers took so many pictures, which I can not wait to see.   I only have a few pictures of my dress and my sisters dress.  I have been waiting to show all of you my dress which I made.  I am happy how it turned out, especially how the fabric moved and shined.  The simple design turned out pretty good and I am happy that I did not decide to go for the over the top woven back.  Though it did look really cool, it was to structured for such an elegant, yet simple affair.  I can not believe how quickly it all went by, but am so happy at how well it all went.  What a special night for two very special people.

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