Friday, November 25, 2011

Blake Lively in Elie Saab (Blue Pantsuit)

     For those of you who live in America, I hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving yesterday.  I know I did!  My sister and her husband (I love saying that, they are a perfect couple) came over for our family feast.  The food was so delicious, my Mom is quite the cook!  Now, I am getting ready to do a large amount of homework tomorrow on my day off from work and school.  The semester is almost over and I think my head may explode from the stress which is about to insue.  I can not wait to graduate and get a job.  I love school, but it gets annoying and frustrating at times.  Anyway, in the fashion world...
     I am a big fan of Elie Saab.  His use of color is amazing.  On that note, I can not stand pant suits.  I always imagine the kind in the 80's with the shoulder pads.  Clothes were so bulky and ill fitting at the time.  I have officially found a pant suit I like thanks to Elie Saab, who created this beautiful blue pantsuit, with lace shoulders and a plunging neckline.  Love it.  I found this picture of Blake Lively on

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