Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Warpaint "Undertow"- simple make-up inspiration

I love music.  If you are close to me, you probably know it very well.  I tend to go on tangents about music; what a song means to me, the history, how and why the song was written, etc.  Why am I writing about music on a fashion blog?  I have realized over the years that music inspires me in the morning when I wake up.  Music makes me dress and do my make-up a certain way in the morning.  If I listen to Amy Winehouse, then I do the big cat eye-eyeliner, if I listen to Nirvana then I wear dark make-up, my lace up boots and leave my hair in a state of disarrayed curls.  I love having music inspire me.  I have also found that my best sewn and designed outfits have come from inspiration in songs.  I really listen to any kind of music, except country, I can not take it.  Recently, I have been listening to a lot of music they play at Urban Outfitters.  I like it because these artist have talent, write their own songs, and it is really weird and different from mainstream.  I like being able to enjoy something which many are not used to listening to.  Anyway before I continue on tangent, I wanted to share a video and my simple make-up inspiration from it.
     This is a song by a band Warpaint called "Undertow."  I really like the sound of the bands music, it is peaceful rock.  It is different.  I also watched the video, which is blurry like a memory or an old photograph.  This is actually the inspiration for my hair and make-up today.  I wanted to look blurry like an old photograph.  I did a simple natural face and eye make-up, with my usual black eye-liner.  I also just let my hair frizz today.  Though, half way through the day I ended up putting it into a messy bun on top of my head.  I took a few pictures of what it looks like.

 -This one below is just in natural light, to show the colors I used. Simple.

Here is the video for "Undertow" by Warpaint

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