Monday, January 2, 2012

Pretty Snake (Cat Sweaters)

Let me start by saying Happy New Year!  I can not believe it is already 2012.  I hope this year is good for all.  I promise to post my d.i.y. project soon, I just need to find one thing to finish.  This year I hope to do a lot more d.i.y. projects and hopefully sew a lot more.  Today, I found a fun etsy account from the Urban Outfitters blog (  This guy Joseph Aaron Segal has quite the obsession with cats it seems.  He created this fabulous cat print to which he put on bulky sweaters.  It is probably not the best fashion statement, but I absolutely love it.  His tumblr has a ton more pictures of all the sweaters he has added the cat pattern to.  Jason's tumblr and his etsy account  Here are some of his sweaters.


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