Thursday, January 12, 2012

YUE- handmade bags and clutches

I have had a heck of a day today and an even more stressful past two weeks.  Not to complain, but damn.  Though, I must say I am happy to have stressful times in my life to make me a stronger person and realize how good my life really is.  To make my day better, you better believe I am going online to surf the blogs.  I found a site (featured on Urban Outfitters blog, which I am obsessed with) and it has the cutest clutches.  I love the color and shape of the clutches specifically, but love all of the bags on the site. or YUE is based on a family business and hand makes all products in limited quantities (as stated on their website).  The leather looks just perfect, and I cannot get over the shape of the clutch!  Truly unique and gorgeous pieces.
 -It is so simple, but so gorgeous.  Why am I so obsessed with this clutch?


  1. I really like the peach color of that bag up there.

  2. I know the colors are fantastic, neutral but perfect.

  3. You should post an article on handmade clutches , that will surely upgrade your work.

  4. Check out at for some beautiful fashion bags .

    1. Love all of the bags, they are quite gorgeous.