Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Long Sleeve Maxi Dresses (Duro Olowu)

Today is my day off.  I am quite relaxed and enjoying my day.  I am doing a little bit of sewing today as I had a few projects to finish for my family, like sewing a pillow, or fixing pajamas.  I went to sew and realized I do not have enough fabric to finish the shirt that I wanted to sew.  I am a bit bummed.  I am in the process of figuring out what to make now.  I always do that, it takes me forever to try and figure out what I want to sew, usually due to fabric restrictions.  So... if I come up with something I will definitely post it.  I just can not come up with good ideas today, it is disappointing.  I do not like the designs I have drawn out. I am frustrated, moving on.  I have been on the internet for a long time today staring at pictures and getting inspiration.  Though, today inspiration comes from my inbox.  I love getting e-mails from readers, no matter what it is.  I had a reader write to me giving me a challenge to sew a long dress with sleeves, but make it in a way that would be flattering to the person who is wearing it.  I love this idea and it is definitely something I want to achieve in my career.  I want to design for all women since all women have different shapes.  I wrote back and explained a designer did something similar to what my reader described, Duro Olowu to be exact.  He created long dresses, with a pattern and sleeves.  The cut of the dresses are perfect fit to the model, though they are incredibly skinny, I still love the concept.  Here are some pictures from

 -You could easily add sleeves to the dress below.  Personally, I would take the shoulders in a bit to get away from the 80's vibe which slightly lingers in the photo.  This dress would be great on a fuller figured girl, or anyone with curves.  The way the bottom accents the hips and goes out to a mermaid skirt or fishtail bottom (whatever you call it) is a great way to even out proportions.  The tie around the waist is also a great addition to cinch in and compliment the waist.  

Well now I am off to design and create........something..........

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