Monday, January 9, 2012

DIY: Jewelry Tree

Here is the diy I promised I would post last week.  I finally had a chance to put all of my jewelry on it and place it on my dresser for use.  I had a small drawer in my closet to put all of my jewelry in before and I could never find my necklaces or bracelets.  This tree is visually pleasing and very handy to find you jewelry quickly.  Here is how to make it!
1.  Here are the supplies you will need.
-Styrofoam Block (found at craft stores)
-Brown Tape (only if you want your tree to be brown or super sturdy)
-Wire (any color)
-Wooden Stick
-(Not Pictured) A Cute Flower Pot
 -Next, start wrapping the wire around the stick.
-To create the branches, I created a loop and twisted it around my fingers.
-Then continue you to wrap wire around the tree and branches until it is thick and sturdy to hold your heaviest necklace.

 -It is actually a smart idea to stick your tree in the styrofoam last.
-Stick it in a cute flower pot and add your jewelry.

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