Tuesday, January 31, 2012

High Waisted Jeans and Plastic Bertrand

I fail as a blogger this month and I apologize.  I love posting everyday and this month has seriously been horrible, but the good new is it is over.  After a month like January it can only get better, right?  To make it better I have been drowning myself in a sea of happy music.  I have become quite obsessed with a song by Plastic Bertrand called "Ca Plane Pour Moi."  The song came out in the late 70's and is a little punk, similar to stuff by The Ramones.  Today I went shopping and tried on high waisted jeans which I think I may go back and purchase because I do really like them.  Suddenly I am into 70's with a hint of 50's, an odd but good mix.
Just thought you should know, this is how I dance to this song, flailing arms and all.  His style is also quite great, love the jacket.

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