Friday, December 30, 2011

Pre-Fall 2012 Herve Ledger by Max Azria

It seems nearly impossible to make the same styled dress every season and keep it popular.  It seems like a ludicrous idea to even think of doing it.  Yet, Herve Ledger by Max Azria, Max and Lubov Azria have yet again made a line of bandage dresses, (the same ones they made popular in the 80's). They are quite genius if you think about it; to even be able to create the same dress, yet be able to re-design it every season to make it modern to the season.  This season they add a few different styled pieces including pants, while still keeping a bandage style top.  Their placement of lines and color in these garments this season have been perfected a little more to be quite flattering to several types of figures.  I really like their designs, they are smart designers if you ask me in the way they place the lines and colors to be so figure flattering.

-Hint of mod?  Or is it just me?
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