Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Retrosphere -Online Vintage Store

I love when things in life are convenient.  I also love to thrift shop specifically for vintage items.  This usually includes a drive to a thrift shop, a certain not so good vintage smell, and usually a women who smells as if she had rolled around in an ash tray.  At least this is typically what occurs in my thrifting.  I enjoy when I can just find a website that offers everything I am looking for, in a neat organized website, it also includes current trends, and best of all it is designer.  Sounds to good to be true.  I recently got an e-mail about a new website called The Retrosphere.  The Retrosphere has an eclectic mix of clothing with great prices, especially for designer pieces.  I really like a lot of their tops, gloves, and a 1960s peach colored hat.  One of my favorite items has to be a pair of sunglasses by Pierre Cardin.  They have an extreme cat eye type shape, I love them.  The Retrosphere also has adorable shoes.  I have already spent way to much time playing on the website.   Hope everyone has fun exploring too.  The Retrosphere only ships in the UK but soon they will ship internationally.  Here are some cute pictures of some of their clothes, I love how they are styled.

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