Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Thakoon Fall 2011

Seriously, how much do you love the plaid puffer jacket in this collection?  I have to say I love it a ton!  Thakoon's inspiration for this collection came from a Kenyan tribe and costumes of Versailles.  Crazy, I know.  I am amazed how he really did combine two completely opposite things to make them into a collection that has innovation, wearability and above all a fashion sense that women all over will love.  When I was first looking through the collection I fell in love with all of the perfectly tailored little jackets.  The colors and prints in this collection are also just spot on.  I like the tribal and classy feel to the outfits and  yet the street wearability of all of them.  Perfection!  (Do not even get me started on those awesome shoes.)
-These first two parkas or puffer jackets are my favorite.

 -Adorable little jacket and great structured dress.
 -Simply chic
 -Three more great jackets

 -I love this whole look below, especially how the shirt ties.
 -This top is so much fun and a simple look.
 -Love the structure of this skirt.
 -I would totally wear this coat too.

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