Saturday, August 6, 2011

Light Packing for Fashionista's

We have all been on vacation for a three day weekend, and staring at an overly filled suitcase asked ourselves, "Why did I pack so much?"  Though it is great to be prepared for the unexpected, I find that it is great to take all of the essentials and leave the extra.  I am what I consider a light packer.  I only need a small suitcase for my four day vacation.  This is my simple list of how to pack lightly...
1.  Make a list of what you need
     -It is great to write everything you need and plan your outfits including accessories and make-up.
2.  It is always a great idea to check the weather of where you are traveling to be extra prepared.
     -There is nothing like arriving and not having proper attire for the weather.  I am going where the weather is saying hot and rainy, hence I packed shorts, a tank, 1 pair of pants, 4 shirts, a bathing suit, one t-shirt and pj's.  Those are about the essentials.
3.  Then always think you may need a hair dryer, straightener and make-up.
4.  I almost forgot about shoes!  I am packing flip-flops, flats and I am still thinking of packing heels... they may not be practical for outside activities.
5.  Then I take my purse that I have filled with a magazine and my ipod for entertainment on the eleven hour car ride.  I also packed sunglasses and my camera for the outdoor family reunion.
I am so excited to see my Aunts and Uncles, cousins and everyone in between.  I promise to take pictures, and share stories.
My simple little suitcase... and plenty of room for shoes.

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