Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fall Braids 2011

Braids, the trend that never seems to fade.  I remember my senior year of high school, when braids were all the rage and every girl braided their hair, or bought the braided hair extensions to wear as headbands.  (That was about two and a half, almost three years ago now for those who were wondering.)  This fall is no different as several designers have styled their clothing with models in braids.  I personally love the really loose messy braids.  It is a fun, simple and very chic way to dress up your fall wardrobe.  I always look so juvenial in braids but still like them.  If you are in need of some braided inspiration, here ya go.  I got these pictures from, and had to search through several lines to find them, which I love to do!  Enjoy!
 Rag & Bone



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