Thursday, August 11, 2011

Giles Deacon for Nine West

Another post on a collaboration, I know.  Giles, a man with fabulous taste in clothing, and amazing attention to detail has paired up with Nine West to bring high fashion at an affordable price.  Now my rant begins.  Personally Nine West is not my style, BUT recently I have noticed a change.  When I was younger I used to think eeeww Nine West is for older business women (I was in elementary school in the 1997 ish time).  I remember always seeing black oxfords with those horrible little tassels and a chunky but flat heel.  Recently, I have been loving some Nine West shoes!  This summer when they introduced their beautiful wedges, I could not believe this was the same company that had made me ill in past years as a child with all the corporate casual shoes.  Nine West now has heels to die for; not to mention that pair of nude peep toe heels that I have been drooling over.  I am happy that they are now designing with young and older women in mind, we all can be chic without looking...dare I say frumpy or advanced in our years.  That said, I am quite happy that Nine West is doing collaborations, as several of their collaborations this far are fabulous.  I love the use of color and different designs of shoes that they now offer.  
     Now on to Giles, who is Nine West's current collaboration.  When I first read that Giles was pairing up with Nine West I definitely expected something quirky in a very fashion forward way;  with some color but over all it would have a bit of an edge.  I pretty much got what I expected, and that is not a bad thing.  I have to say that I like the colorful flats and black flats; I think those would be quite fun to pair with an everyday outfit.  (They remind me a bit of Halloween with the color combo and once again that is not a bad thing.)  The bag is not my style, but it is functional and I love the character that Giles created, so Giles.  Now to my favorites, those boots with the two strap buckles are to die for, seriously I would wear those everyday.  They are simple but with a edge.  The strappy heels are quite great too.  I also love the charm bracelet, it is so cute, simple and matches the shoes and any outfit.  Do you love it or still think it is a bit iffy?
(Pardon the huge pictures but I like to look at the stitching and such on shoes.)  I got these pictures from

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