Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Chloe Moretz in Christopher Kane

Wow!  I have had the absolute busiest past few days.  I begin school tomorrow at my dream college, the college that has the greatest fashion design program, the college I have wanted to attend forever (okay, maybe since I was 10 ish, but it seems like forever).  I have been doing a lot of orientation and meetings in the past few days hence all the craziness of which I speak.  I am nervous but above all just thrilled!  My days will be getting a bit busier, so I will attempt to update as much as possible and share whatever I learn with all of you.  I hope that everyone who is beginning school too, may have just a splendid time like I plan to have.  In fashion news, I found a picture on people.com of Chloe Moretz wearing a skirt and top (though it looks like a dress) from Christopher Kane's collection that I posted a few days ago.  Do you like it?  I actually like this look on her, though I did express doubts in whether I liked the collection or not, this is good.

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