Monday, August 8, 2011

Peter Jensen

I have such an appreciation for the iconic and innovative designs of Peter Jensen.  The Danish designer who is currently being honored with an exhibition at the Danish Design museum has created some of the most beautiful, creative, eclectic, and iconic designs of Scandinavia.  Each of his clothing lines are based on different women who all have very different stories, whether it is olympic gymnist Olga Korput, Tonya Harding or even his latest collection dedicated to Meryl Streep; he always impresses his large celebrity fan base, bloggers and fashionistas.  I first fell in love with the adorable bunny that you can find on his t-shirts and icon for his website.  I love how fun and wearable his clothes are, there is really nothing like them.  I am so happy that he is being recognized for his hard work, attention to detail and over all design skills.  On that note, happy Copenhagen fashion week.  Here are some of my favorite pieces from several Peter Jensen lines, although I love every piece that he is made, these really stand out to me.  I got these pictures from his website, which I could literally spend hours on.

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