Monday, December 12, 2011

Dresses I Should Start To Wear....

I realized recently that I do not wear a lot of dresses.  I have loved dresses for my whole life, and when I was young I vowed when I grew up and could make my own fashion decisions that I would wear a dress everyday of my life.  This has yet to happen.  In fact, I hardly wear dresses.  I wear jeans all the time because they are just easy to match, and they are comfy.  This Christmas season, I am now vowing to get a dress or two to dress up my wardrobe.  Dresses are so easy to style; you can wear it with a belt, a scarf or a necklace and mix and match shoes, like heels or boots.  Why don't I wear more dresses?  I found some very cute dresses at Forever 21 online.  They are simple one colored dresses that can be worn with sweaters and coats even stockings to winterize them.  How simple.
Forever 21
 This dres below is only $12.50.  Yes, I am serious!

Urban Outfitters 
-These are my favorites.  I love Urban Outfitters clothes, what can I say.

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  1. Awesome collection of dresses. I like all of them very much. Thanks for sharing!